15 Maj, 2019

The Committee commended the government

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  Based on this advice, the reports made by the affected State Party, and the currently available information, the Director-General accepted the Committee’s assessment and on 17 October did not declare the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic China Wood Beads Suppliers of the Congo a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. These factors have complicated contact tracing and other aspects of the response. Investigational vaccines and therapeutics are being used for the first time at scale. Without this, the situation is likely to deteriorate significantly. The assessment of the risk of spread is low at global level but it is very high at both national and regional levels.

  The Committee’s role was to provide to the Director-General its views and perspectives on: Whether the event constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)• If the event constitutes a PHEIC, what Temporary Recommendations should be made.The Committee also noted positive developments: The Committee commended the government of the DRC, WHO, and all response partners for the progress made under difficult circumstances. During the informational session, the WHO Secretariat provided an update on the situation and the response to the current Ebola outbreak and preparedness activities in neighbouring countries.

  Special emphasis should be placed on the response in Beni and Butembo, including continuing attention to community engagement. The Committee also noted the very complex security situation. Exit screening, including at airports, ports, and land crossings, is of great importance; however, entry screening, particularly in distant airports, is not considered to be of any public health or cost-benefit value. New cases being identified without epidemiological links are of great concern and require further detailed epidemiological mapping. Ring vaccination efforts have achieved high coverage rates among eligible populations but rely heavily on highly performing contact tracing in DRC and all countries that may be affected.


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